Professional Speaker: Barbara Kite

“One of the most dynamic speakers we’ve had in our ten year history.”

Joe Lyons, past-President, North West Coaches Association

The job of a speaker is to inspire, entertain and above all lead us to new viewpoints.

– It is the speakers job to open up and shake out our creativity.

– It is the speakers job to remind us of inner truths we have forgotten.

– It is the speakers job to help us find the right questions we need to ask ourselves.

Barbara Kite pulls back the curtain and let’s you in on the acting secrets great performers know and use.

Most people are stuck, embracing ingrained and self-destructive beliefs, keeping themselves guarded and afraid of being authentic. Find new and creative ways of addressing these self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with amazing truths, (through acting techniques).

What do acting skills have to do with all this?  EVERYTHING.  After acting, coaching and directing for 30 years she has zeroed in on what it is that actors have that makes them so moving, so authentic, so mesmerizing.

And one of those truths involves your basic humanity and what works about you.  Actors learn how to embrace all parts of themselves, even those areas we all want to hide.  You see,  all that acceptance and awareness makes you a more rounded and understanding human being.  That leads to deeper connections with everyone in your life.

“YOU CANNOT BUILD ON FALSE WEAKNESSES.  Stop feeding them.  Challenge them.  You can only build on that which is amazing about you. Learn how to acknowledge these truths.”

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