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If you are looking for a “5 star” professional public speaking coach, acting coach or classes in the Portland, Oregon area,  look no further. Barbara Kite has been coaching in Portland since 1990.

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“Your coaching is helping me find my authentic voice, so I can communicate effectively, using language, tone and style of speech that fit my personality.  I’ve noticed a direct impact from our training sessions in my on-camera work, helping me develop as a professional. I would highly recommend working with you to anyone who can!” Katrina Sarson, Oregon Art Beat co-host, OPB

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Barbara Kite’s studio space has moved to a new location.

The address for Barbara Kite’s studio is: 2538 NE Broadway St., Suite C, Portland OR 97232


Barbara Kite is proud to announce a special


with instructors Louanne Moldovan & Lorraine Bahr

(two exceptional acting coaches with extensive experience in all levels of the profession)

A Six Week Scene Study Workshop for teens 12-18 starting May 16, 2015  –  Details Here

Great Speakers Workshop


April 17, 2015

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A current executive from a major corporation said, “In one hour I learned more from you than I did with the three day workshop on public speaking they made us attend at work.” - S. Miller, ‎Global Digital Brand Director, Nike Golf

Dill Ward attended the March Great Speakers Workshop and had these wonderful things to say about it:
“Wow! You don’t know what you don’t know. Barbara has a lifetime of experience and knowledge on the subject and it was very obvious she is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Her approach is what you would expect from a coach, challenging you not coddling you. Making you reach inside yourself to see if you really have what it takes to be great. Her content is so dense, in just a few hours with Barbara and you will have a month of practice material and a whole new outlook on how you approach public speaking. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great teacher & coach contact Barbara!

Listen to Barbara’s interview on KBOO-FM

Barbara Kite appeared on KBOO-FM 90.7 on the Bread and Roses program – BE WELL WITH DELLA.

Della Rae and Barbara discuss the topic: “WHY WE HIDE”

If you miss the live broadcast on November 15th you can listen to the program. WHY WE HIDE [from the KBOO Program Archive]

Actor’s Scene and Monologue Video

Watch scene and monologue work performed by actors from my on-going Mastery of Acting Workshop. [view Monologues]

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